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As a Turista Plus you are ready to move beyond the basic Spanish survival skills. At the end of the two courses you will be able to function in contacts involving mainly face to face but also those requiring the use of the telephone or of public media. You will be able to understand the substance and or relevant details of written texts and to express yourself in writing.


There are three main levels of competency that Turistas Plus can achieve:

I – Carrying out certain transactions:

1. Making arrangements (planning, tickets, reservations, etc.) for travel, accommodation, appointments and leisure activities

2. Making purchases.

3. Ordering food and drink.

II – Giving and obtaining factual information:

1. Personal information (e.g. about name, address, place of origin, date of birth, occupation)

2. Non-personal information (e.g. about places and how to get there, about the time of the day, about various facilite and services, about rules and regulations, about opening hours, about where and what to eat, etc).

III – Establishing and maintaining social and professional contacts, particularly:

1. Meeting people and, if strangers, making their acquaintance.

2. Extending invitations and reacting to being invited.

3. Proposing/arranging a course of action

4. Exchanging information, views, feelings, wishes, concerning matters of common interest, particularly those relating to”

– Personal life and circumstances

– Living conditions and environment

– Occupational activities and interests

– Leisure activities and social life

Turistas will be able to carry out the above communicative activities in contacts with:

–  Native speakers of the foreign language

–  Other non-native speakers of the foreign language, using the foreign language as a common means of communication

Such contact may occur

–  In a country or region where the foreign language is the native language

–  In the learner’s own country

–  In a country or region outside the learner’s own country and where the foreign language is not the native language


If students require we can organise with Instituto Cervantes the test to certify the level of Spanish competence A2 as per the Common European Framework for Languages. The cost of the test is additional.


Each course is 10 weeks of 1 hour each during lunch time.


Each course is $195. Discounts are available for family groups.


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